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Patients Clueless about Drug Benefits and Risks

The title to today’s blog is not mine.  It belongs to Joe and Teresa Graedon of “The People’s Pharmacy” which ran in today’s Roanoke Times newspaper. I have read and enjoyed the Graedon’s articles on health and medicine for over 20 years and today’s “Clueless Patients” is no exception.  The article concludes that both patients [...]

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Joan Rivers potential medical malpractice lawsuit reminds us it’s not about the money

There is the impression in the United States, that families that chose to hire a lawyer and investigate an injury case (negligence, medical malpractice, wrongful death, survival claim against health care provider, nursing home, hospital, doctor, etc.)  are only doing so because they are greedy, sue happy, money hungry. I’ve heard it all from strangers [...]

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Virginia Health Information: “From Numbers to Knowledge”

As consumers of health care, we face a lot of unknowns.  How much will care cost?  What hospital or doctor has experience with our conditions?  How long will I be in the hospital?  What kind of “customer service” can I expect? Virginia Health Information (VHI) is an organization whose aim is to help answer some [...]

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Listening with intent. Processing deeply.

A recent TED Radio Hour episode titled “Memory Games,” highlights the mystery of memories and how we create narratives about our life all the time.  The episode ends with the last speaker’s question to the audience: “…Our lives are the sum of our memories.  How much are we willing to lose by not paying attention [...]

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