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Emergency Room Doctors: How Often do they commit malpractice?

Granted, ER doctors have a tough job.  They are often faced with seriously ill or injured patients and have very little information about their overall health or medical history.   But from my perspective, emergency room physicians in Virginia still make far too many errors and mistakes in providing good medical care to their patients….and a recently released [...]

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Consent to a procedure is not consent to negligence.

It would be unusual to go to a doctor’s office or especially to have a procedure or surgery done and not sign a bunch of forms, including a consent form.  While it may seem like you are signing away everything (that is, if you have the chance to read them at all), in Virginia, consent [...]

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Xarelto, Coumadin or Warafin management and physician mistakes

I have heard it before: “This new medication is so far superior to what we used in the past. It’s easier to manage, blah blah blah blah blah.” While I love the optimistic health care providers have about new drugs, I have and will remain a skeptic. Coumadin has long been a difficult medication to [...]

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What do string theory and the multiverse have to do with you and your medical malpractice case?

The truth about science, medicine, the law, and probably most every other human endeavor is that our understanding of them — and ourselves — constantly evolves.  The challenge then is to embrace that evolution and not be constrained by external expectations or the status quo.  And, believe it or not, this all has something to [...]

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