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Hospital Discharges for Peak Profit?

Most of us take for granted that we and the ones we love would only be discharged from a hospital when we are actually medically ready to be discharged.  A recent report by the Wall Street Journal suggests that at least part of the equation for some hospitals is maximizing profitability. Long-term acute care facilities operate [...]

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Healthcare in America: For Better or Worse

I cringe when I hear a friend boldly state that “America has the best healthcare in the world.”  Granted, we are pretty good at some things but not for others, and the exhoribant and increasing costs of healthcare is a topic for another day. Over 5 years ago Medicare decided to create a list of preventable medical mistates [...]

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Costs of a Virginia Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Sadly, the legal profession has perpetuated a myth that victims of malpractice do not owe anything on their cases, but for attorneys fees at the end of the case. This is a sad myth because it is no where near reality. Perhaps it’s like buying a car. You think the sticker price is the amount [...]

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Heart Attacks: Where you have one may determine if you survive.

A very interesting, and disturbing, article appeared in today’s Wall Street Journal.  The article, “No Place for a Heart Attack” presents some facts that might surprise you: 1.  More than 200,000 Americans experience a heart attack each year. 2.  Approximately 10,000 of those people (5%), experience their heart attack while already hospitalized for an illness [...]

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